We love a spritz. They’re tasty, easy-on-the-eye and they won’t knock you out from the very first sip.

If you’re looking for a twist on the basic b*tch version then you gotta try our Arancita Spritz!

This spritz is built on our blood orange aperitivo, Arancita Rosso. And while we dig it over ice, something really yummy happens when you combine it with tonic and lime. You add this bittersweet zesty layer and a little extra zsa zsa zsu.

We created this one while mixing drinks at our family Christmas gathering a few years back. The plan was something a little different. But without a few key ingredients we had to get creative and the Arancita Spritz was the result. Everyone loved it.


Our favourite way to drink it

With friends of course!

This is definitely one of those super easy drinks you can bang together at any time but the flavour and alcohol content make it perfect for sipping when you're at some type of gathering. You can enjoy a couple while eating and you won't end up totally sloshed. 



We’ve written the recipe as “parts” rather than ml so you can make one or mix a jug to share with friends. And if you want to go easier on the alcohol then just add more tonic water and less prosecco. 

Start by filling your glass(es) with ice. The bigger the better when it comes to size of the ice cubes. 

Add the following (1 part equals 30 ml):

1.5 parts Arancita Rosso

3 parts prosecco (pick your fav...or the one on sale)

2 parts tonic water (we used Fever Tree but any should work)

Squeeze in the juice of 2 chubby lime wedges, then plonk them in as your garnish.

Give it a gentle swirl with the handle of a big spoon. Using the handle makes it easier to push through the ice cubes.

    It’s as simple as that.



    P.S We’d love to see your creations! Tag @3foxesmelb on Facebook and Instagram