The bottled cocktail with personality


The bottled cocktail with personality

Branded tote bags were so 2015


Our custom bottled cocktails help your business or event stand out. Each individual cocktail is handcrafted using our premium spirits infused with real fruit and organic botanicals. Finished off with a custom label designed to reflect your brand and you’ve got something of exceptional quality and personality.

Perfect for events, gifts, product launches & brand activations


A label designed to reflect your brand, vintage-inspired glass bottles and stunning textured labels. These won’t go unnoticed.


Each Foxtail is crafted by hand right here in Melbourne using locally farmed fruits and botanicals.


Our design process is easy and we have great relationships with our printers who will ensure you get exactly what you want.

Create your custom cocktails in 3 easy steps


Create your custom cocktails in 3 easy steps



We want to work with you! If you can’t find the answer below, please reach out to our customer service crew via

How big are the cocktails?

Each Foxtail is a full, individual serve cocktail. They are 110ml or the equivalent to 1.1 standard drinks.

How long will the cocktails last?

If left unopened, Foxtails will last indefinitely. This works well if you need to order in advance for an event or place a large order to use as gifts throughout the year.

How do you serve the cocktails?

Just chill and enjoy! Each Foxtail is a ready-to-drink individual cocktail which can be served as is (maybe add a straw) or poured into a glass after chilling for 15 minutes in the freezer. No ice. No shakers. No fuss.

Can I create my own cocktail?

Maybe! We are a small-batch producer so it might be possible but give us a call before making too many plans.

Can you design the label for me?

Short answer is “it depends”. We make small adjustments to artwork in-house to ensure your label looks perfect but we can sometimes help with design a custom label too.

Can I speak with your printers directly?

To keep this simple for everyone, we’ll make sure you have the necessary printing specifications and can answer most questions about the printing process ourselves. Anything we aren’t sure of, we’ll find out and come back to you. 

How does the custom label process work?

A custom label has a unique process. After talking through the project over the phone we will give you a quote and help you through the design process as required. Our job is to make this easy for you.

Will I get a printing proof?

Yes. We know there can be many pairs of eyeballs that need to look at and approve these projects so we provide a printing proof for each order. You will need to approve this before we proceed with printing labels.

When do I need to order them by?

The order fulfilment for customised labels is about 4 weeks however we have a delivery guarantee policy which means if anything were to happen in transit we replace the Foxtails free of charge. All we ask is that you order as soon as possible to give us enough time to rectify in the event anything were to happen. To date this has only been used once in the last 3 years but we like to make our customers aware of it.

When will I receive my order?

We ship orders as soon as they are ready, which is generally 4 weeks after you have placed the order.

Is there a minimum order?

There are no minimum orders however, bulk discounts on orders over 18 and over 48 bottles do apply.

Do you offer discounts for large orders?

Absolutely! We offer a bulk order discount that gets added automatically to your cart for your convenience. Our bulk order range is for orders over 48 up to 350 bottles, after this we manually quote based on your exact order.