If you know us at all, then you know we have a bit of an obsession with ouzo. We believe this amazing spirit shouldn't just be sipped over ice....there is so many other ways to enjoy it!

For the ouzo-wary we will always suggest starting with a Cucumber Cup.

This cocktail is incredibly easy to drink thanks to the cool and refreshing cucumber juice which mellows out the stronger flavours of ouzo. 


Our favourite way to drink it

We like sipping on our Cucumber Cups while listening to INSERT PLAYLIST. It's highly likely we're also tearing off chunks of some fresh crusty bread and then using this to mop up the leftover oil from a jar of marinated olives.



1 part Syrtaki Ouzo

2 parts cucumber juice

Pinch of salt

Juice from 1 chubby lemon wedge

Grate your cucumber (2 Lebanese or 1 Continental) onto a cloth strainer then squeeze this to get your juice. You could also whack it through an electric juicer if you have one of those.

Slide your glass into position and drop in the biggest ice cube you've got. One of those giant ice balls is ideal.  

Add the ouzo, cucumber and lemon juice plus a tiny pinch of salt. 


Twist a curl of lemon peel over the glass to lightly spritz it with the zesty oils and then add for your garnish.

Grab your cocktail along with some crusty bread, a few dips and olives. Feast and enjoy.



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