The leading ladies in our lives love a French 75 so we surprised them with a Syrtaki Ouzo version one day.

Enter the Greek 75.

It was a happy day for all. 

This twist-on-a-classic really plays up the warm sweet spice angle of ouzo but the dry, fine bubbles and citrus keep it firmly in the world of "refreshing". 


Our favourite way to drink it

According to our better halves, the Greek 75 is the perfect cocktail for summer picnics or for sipping on before a long lunch. 

Pro tip: Mix up the cinnamon syrup ahead of time to get a better warm spicy infusion. 



First of all, get excited. 

To make this cocktail you will need:

1.5 parts ouzo

3 parts white cava (Spanish sparkling wine. Good ol' Dan Murphy's can hook you up)

The juice of half a lemon

1 teaspoon of cinnamon syrup


Grab a cocktail shaker and throw it around like you're Tom Cruise a la Bartender.

Now add the ouzo, juice and cinnamon syrup and shake it like a polaroid.

Strain into your glass and pour over the cava. You could also use a dry champagne or prosecco.

Float a citrus curl in the glass and you're finito. 

Yum. Yum. Yum



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